Selling a house – Impact of having a Well Maintained Garden

If you’re planning to sell your home, chances are you’re busy decluttering, organizing and updating the inside to make it picture perfect. But since buyers first see the front of the house when viewing online photos and visiting, you’ll want to make a good first impression there, too. A well maintained garden that is neatly landscaped and welcoming will attract more people who’ll want to see the inside.

Getting the garden right can easily add 10 to 20 per cent to the price of the property. A stud based on 5,000 homeowners from nine different countries, shows that consumers and real estate agents alike see the garden as an area of great potential for bolstering a property’s price tag. This could add as much as 16 per cent to the value of your property according to data from the Husqvarna Group.
Giving your garden some TLC is certainly worth doing if you’re putting your house on the market. A few small changes could make your outdoor space more attractive to potential buyers and subsequently help to sell your house faster. Sometimes people buy a house because of its garden. Most people like getting outside and enjoying the lifestyle.

Whereas kitchens and bathrooms are pricey projects returning well less than 100 percent of the investment at sale, outdoor projects are often less expensive with incredible returns. Even simply taking good care of a lawn pays.

So, what is it about well-maintained gardens that makes people want “more”?

A beautifully designed, carefully implemented and well-maintained garden can substantially improve the value of a home. Often cultivating as much interest in a property as a new kitchen or bathroom.

1. A garden shows you care

A well maintained garden suggests other features of your property that require a lot of maintenance are also well looked after. If you look like you’ve taken the time to weed, prune, and mow the lawn, then you’ll seem less likely to let other parts of the property fall into disrepair and potential buyers will feel more confident in their decision making.
You don’t need to overdo it, though, just show good attention to detail. A basic yet tidy, well maintained garden with a lawn and planting area will be far more appealing than one that is elaborately landscaped. Plus potential buyers will be able to visualize their own garden design plans more easily.

2. A garden makes a good first impression

Gardens can give the exterior of your property a curb appeal. A front garden is the first part of your house that potential buyers see. It’s important to look after it as it can give your whole property a lift. After all, it doesn’t take someone long to decide a property isn’t for them and you don’t want to put them off before they’ve even gone inside.
Clean up, tidy litter, remove dead plants, pull weeds, paint any chipped fences, repair and feed the lawn. Or even add a bit of colour with some new plants or a fresh coat of paint for the fence to make that all-important good first impression. If you don’t have a front garden, you can still add some initial impact by having potted plants on your front step or in the window.

3. A garden provides privacy and quiet

Potential house buyers don’t just judge your property when they come to a viewing. They also assess the location, road, and surrounding buildings – particularly the proximity of your property to neighbours. Adding shrubs and hedges is a really simple way to ensure privacy. Everyone wants to relax in their own quiet sanctuary. High fences, bushes, and hedges can provide a garden with privacy, making it feel like a quiet haven protected from less desirable environments. So, having a back garden that’s cut off from the world could make buyers more likely to part with their money.

Lawn & Landscape Features That Increase Home Value

A well maintained Lawn

well maintained garden

Of course, the main component of the lawn is the grass! Healthy grass is the foundation to a beautiful lawn.
First impressions are hard to undo, and the first impression that homebuyers get is from your yard and landscaping. When scrolling through hundreds of photos of homes online, the first judgement call is made by a quick look at the home’s exterior including the lawn.

53 per cent of buyers view the lawn as the most important garden feature for adding value to a property. A healthy, green lawn does more than just beautify your home: it also boosts your home’s value. Much like a new coat of paint or updated fixtures, a well-tended lawn boosts curb appeal and helps potential buyers fall in love with your home.

Lawns are appealing to buyers not only because they are aesthetically pleasing but because they extend the living area of a home. Providing an ideal setting for outdoor recreation, entertainment and relaxation. Through the use of sod, grass can also be a quick way to establish natural and self-repairing landscapes perfect for increasing curb appeal when selling a home, or establishing a lawn at a new residence.

Practicing proper lawn care is a good way to boost the value of your property. Keep your grass in good shape with regular watering, mowing, and fertilizing. It may pay off to invest in an irrigation system to make watering more convenient and consistent.

Social spaces

There is an increasing trend towards seeing the garden as an extension of the house. Outdoor social spaces coming in a close second on the list of most important features. Gone are the days when gardens were viewed as a place for storage, or somewhere for the kids could to play without disturbing you.

Gardens are now seen as important areas for entertaining guests, spending time with the family or simply relaxing and enjoying the surroundings. Think al fresco dining! It’s important to realize that your garden’s usability as a social space doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down.

Try adding a chair and bistro table, or place a bench further into the garden to catch the last of the sun. I would suggest de-personalizing the area without stripping it of atmosphere by removing any large or unsightly equipment which buyers might not be able to see past them and fully appreciate the space. Having a patio in your garden can work wonders to raise your property value and encouraging potential buyers to pick your house. It will open up the space you have and look like you have two areas, making it look like a bigger garden.


well maintained garden

Also high on the list of value enhancers were decorative trees and hedges. Hedges and trees can give a property a natural feeling of privacy which can add to their overall value.

They give a property a natural feeling of privacy which can contribute to its overall value in the eyes of buyers. Trees have been shown to add anywhere from 3.5 to 4.5 per cent to the value of the property. With hedges only slightly lower at 3.6 to 3.9 per cent.
When considering what your garden needs, don’t be afraid to go back to basics. As these features are likely to be among the first things a potential buyer sees when approaching your property, it’s important that they’re kept in good shape through regular maintenance. Focus on both style and function by selecting elements like shrubs or hedges that are aesthetically pleasing and add privacy at the same time.

Pop of color through container plants, garden bed

Even without spending thousands of dollars, a few hundred spent on an expanse of colorful flowers and eye-catching plants will return your investment. One increasingly popular option is to add potted plants. They’ll dress up your porch and other entryways where buyers are sure to see them.

Add some potted plants around the front door or in a window box. This will make the home look more inviting, and add some much needed color to its exterior.

Flower beds define spaces and are a quick way to brighten up (or even cover up) areas where you’ve had less luck with other plants. A beautiful well maintained garden spruces up your yard and enhances your home’s value. Potential buyers, particularly those with a green thumb, will be drawn to a well-laid-out vegetable, herb, or flower garden. But as you’re planning your garden, take maintenance and upkeep into consideration. Don’t plant anything too exotic that will require special care and don’t be too reliant on annuals for your landscaping’s overall effect.


well maintained garden

Increase the value of your property and enhance safety and security by upgrading your exterior lighting. Choose fixtures that complement your house. Provide effective illumination to key areas like the porch, garage, side doors, and sliding glass doors. Consider installing landscape lighting as a budget-friendly way to add drama and draw attention to your plantings.

Buyers appreciate that a well-lit yard can provide a layer of security.

Lighting hardware has changed in recent years, with solar-powered and LED lighting products adding alternatives to traditional hard-wired lighting. They show off your garden at night, silhouette your trees, keep everyone safe from tripping and keep burglars away.


Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to adding value to your property through your garden, and it’s a good idea to keep an eye on current trends in your local area to see what’s selling best.

There are, however, a few general tips that might help you have a well maintained garden that helps you sell your home:

  • Cut the grass – simple but effective, just like a good haircut, a freshly cut lawn can do wonders for appearances.
  • Weed flower beds – even if you don’t plant anything, at least beds will look tidy and ready to go for new buyers.
  • Think security – if you’ve got a shed, make sure it locks and that windows are intact. Patch up broken fences and make sure gates are secured. If you’ve got the cash for a quick spruce up then it’s worth the investment.
  • Add plants in pots – if you’re thinking about moving and don’t want to spend money on shrubs and flowers you’ll leave behind, invest in pretty pots and perennials that you can take with you.
  • Add a table and chairs – part of selling your home, is selling a lifestyle and you don’t need a massive garden and pricey furniture to enjoy the outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

How important is landscaping when selling a house?

A large part of giving a home an inviting look is landscaping and having a well maintained garden. If you get the garden right, it can easily add 10, if not 20 per cent to the price of the property.

How can i improve my garden to increase property value?

It is as simple as:

  • Cut the grass
  • Weed flower beds
  • Think security
  • Add plants in pots
  • Add a table and chairs
What is it about well-maintained gardens that makes people want “more”?
  1. It shows you care about your property
  2. Makes a good first impression
  3. A garden provides privacy and quiet
  4. It is an extension of indoor living

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